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Adult Faith Growth Opportunities at Calvary

(June 11 - July 28)



    • Earthkeeping

      This summer we will reflect on Earthkeeping and our care of God’s creation. Earthkeepingis a term being used by many people of faith to describe the nature of our responsibility to care for creation. It springs from our wonder, awe, and gratitude for God’s wisdom, creativity, and blessings that fill the natural world. The goal of the study will be to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of our connection to creation and discover new ways to live into God’s hope and guidance for our lives and world.  This class will meet in the screen end of the fellowship hall and will be led by Walter Friday.


       Men’s Discussion Group 

       Meets every Sunday in the coffee fellowship area of the fellowship hall and is facilitated by Keith Gehl. 


    • Philippians

      This summer, we will delve into the life of the Apostle Paul, his relationship with the Philippian church, and the amazing words found in his letter to the Philippians.  In this year of the celebration of the Reformation, we are reminded that it is through the study of God’s word that we find our lives always being reformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and freed by Christ for a life of praise and service.  This transformation is the intended outcome of the class.  We will let the words of the book of Philippians transform our hearts and fill us with greater faith and service as Jesus’ disciples.  This class will meet in the parlor and be led by Pastor Debbie.