8th Grade

To Do List


 Things To Do                                                                                         Date Completed

1. Create and agree upon a Family Covenant     
2. Participate regularly in the life of Calvary. This would include worship, Confirmation Sunday School and the Youth Ministry.  
3. Attend the annual Believe Conference, which normally takes place in the spring of the year in Atlanta.  

4. Read and comment in your Scripture Journal. Include comments about your Confirmation experience.


5. Build a Faith Chest. If you have built a Faith Chest and have not finished it, finish your Faith Chest. Let us know when it is completed and you can bring it to worship for dedication on the recognized Sunday.

6. As a family, practice the Four Keys daily! The Four Keys are, Rituals and Traditions, Devotions, Caring Conversations and Service. Start with a Ritual and Tradition: Light a candle when you sit down to share a meal together. A Caring Conversation can take place wherever people are gathered. Devotions can be your Scripture Journal as well as the blessing. The act of Service could be everyone jumping in and helping clean up the after dinner mess left on the table. Share how you include the four keys in your daily life.  
7. Complete your Scripture Journals: Your Journals should be used twice a week. Inside your Journal there is plenty of space for you to share your thoughts with your parents. Once a week you are to use your Journal by yourself. On the other night of the week that your Journal is used, invite your parents to join in. This is a great time to share in Caring Conversations so don't miss out.  
Journal 1  
Journal 2  
Journal 3  
Journal 4  
8. Acolyte and Crucifer: Being an Acolyte or Crucifer is an act of worship as well as an act of service. You should be an Acolyte at least twice during this Confirmation year.  
9. Serve in the Youth Garden. Join in as much as possible. Serving in the garden your friends and/or your parents is fun and the satisfaction of helping others wonderful.  
10. Serve as an Usher: Sign up to usher on Sunday Mornings. Invite your family to join you and serve as ushers together.  
11. Attend at least one Mission Trip: During your time in Confirmation, serving on a Mission Trip is a must.  
12. Attend the Quarterly Parents/Confirmands meetings with at least one parent.  
13. Pick a movie from the list provided and have a family night at the movies. At the end of the movie, take a look at the questions provided and share your thoughts with each other.  
14. Serve as an individual or as a family at the Great Giveaway, making School Backpacks and/or Street Sacks.  
15. Interview a Grandparent using the questions provided. make good notes, record the date and ask them to sign it.  
16. The Ten Commandments in Pictures: This year, whenever it is possible, take a camera with you and take pictures of each individual word in the Ten Commandments. the pictures of each individual word in The Ten Commandments. the picture of the words you have taken are then placed in order on a foam board to be displayed through out the rest of the church for everyone to see and admire.  
17. Participate in a blog with Pastor Debbie.