Confirmation Home

Dear Parents,

We all agree that:

  • We want our Youth to have a wonderful, faith-filled, Christ-centered Confirmation Experience.
  • We would like to see our Youth grow in their faith and in their relationship with Jesus.

It has been said that "the Youth are our future", but that statement is not totally true. They are our future, but they are our NOW as well! They deserve to have the opportunity to grow in their faith, to experience being the face, hands and feet of Jesus and to learn the Small Catechism - now. They deserve to have the best teachers in the world help them accomplish that.

You are the most qualified teachers. After all, there is no one that knows your Youth better than you. In partnership with the church, you are the key in making things happen. Your Youth will receive from their Confirmation experience exactly what you as their parent and faith partner are willing to give them. If you do not make the time to share your faith and to walk with your youth through this journey, in the end you both may be missing an opportunity to grow and learn from each other. Like no one else can, it is you, their parent, that has a tremendous amount of your own life experiences, mountain top highs, valley lows and a well traveled faith path to share.

When you share your time, your faith stories and experiences, your youth will no longer be "Doing Confirmation to graduate". Your Youth will be "Experiencing Confirmation to equip and help prepare them for their lifetime journey of faith." Don't miss a moment of their spiritual growth during these special years. You will be amazed at how they will change right before your eyes as you help them understand and experience unconditional love from you and their Heavenly Father and then to share that love through serving others.

Please remember our goal. Our goal is not for us to accomplish getting your Youth through Confirmation as much as it is for your Youth to become a Disciple of Jesus while participating in the process of confirmation. Your Youth is like a small puzzle piece that when included in the much larger picture, make the picture complete. Add faith to the picture and the larger picture becomes 3-D, filled with new life and full of the energy that makes us Christians.

As you prepare for this journey with your Youth, included in this guide is a covenant. This covenant is to be used by both you and your Youth to help hold each other accountable and to assist them to get the most out of their Confirmation Experience. Please take the time to look over the covenant. Feel free to make any adjustments and edit the covenant to make it yours but please keep the intent of the covenant intact. Once you have come to an agreement, you and your Youth should sign and date the bottom of your new covenant. Listen - God is calling you and your Youth to experience something far greater than you can imagine! Grab your walking shoes and start your journey. It will be a memory maker of faith for both you and your Youth.


Faith is formed by the power of the Holy Spirit through personal trusted relationships, often in our own homes. The church is a living partnership between the ministry of the congregation and the ministry of the home. Where Christ is present in faith, the home is church too. Faith is caught more than it is taught. If we want Christian Youth we have to have Christian parents.