Movies are a great tool to open the door of faith conversations. Here is a list of movies that will spark Caring Conversations. These movies carry great themes of faith but should be previewed by parents before being shared with youth. Look through the movies and the trailers provided. Make your selection, pop some popcorn, and sit back and enjoy your movie. Parents may want to have a piece of paper and a pencil handy to make a few notes to look back upon while enjoying your Caring Conversation and the end. Enjoy your movie and most of all, enjoy your Caring Conversation. You are creating a memory of faith that will last a lifetime.


Suggested Movie Questions

1. What do you think is the "moral of the story?" What message is the movie trying to share?

2. Where did you see the face of Jesus in the movie?

3. What do yo think god was up to the movie? What plan or plans do you think God had in the movie?

4. Looking back upon the movie, what do you think the Christian point of view is?

5. Does the message from the movie remind you of the special scripture or scripture story?

6. What message are you going to be taking away with you?

7. Is the Christian movie message going to become part of your faith? Why or why not?