Posted by Michelle Collins on September 22, 2013 @ 9:25 PM

- Keep memorizing the Lord's Prayer!  We had 4 friends recite the Lord's Prayer from memory today.  Let's make that 4 more next time we meet!

- Ask your parents to tell you what your Baptism Birthday is.  Bring it with you the next time we meet (Oct. 6).

- No SPARK next week; enjoy the All Kinds of Gifts Brunch with your family.

- Game Day is Oct. 6.  Bring a friend!

- YOUTH QUAKE is Oct. 12.  This is an all-day chaperoned Synod event for 3rd-5th grade.  $25 includes transportation, breakfast, lunch, t-shirt, and all activities.  Please sign-up at SPARK, on the Youth bulletin board, or by emailing Mike Holt.    


Posted by Michelle Collins on September 21, 2013 @ 8:04 AM

Hi SPARKlers and parents!  This month we kicked off another exciting year of SPARK Sunday School, and what a year it's going to be!  Our theme for 3rd-5th grade this year is WE ARE DISCIPLES!!  We'll be working as a team to build Christian relationships, and learn to be disciples of Christ through prayer, worship, service, scripture, and giving.  Our theme this month is Prayer.  We are working know the Lord's Prayer by memory, and if we all have it by Nov. 3rd, we'll have a field trip/celebration for ice cream!  This Sunday, we'll be learning about Centering Prayer with Mike, and finding out about our SPARK Prayer Challenge.  On Oct. 6, we'll have GAME DAY, a whole SPARK class spent playing games, eating snacks, and making new friends. Next month, we'll focus on Worship.

Some upcoming "Extra" events we have planned:

- Sept. 29:  Calvary celebrates All Kinds of Gifts Sunday with a congregational brunch.  We have some great chefs at our church, so you DON'T want to miss!

- Youth Quake (Oct. 12):  a day of Christ-centered fun for 3rd-5th grade at Lenoir-Rhyne College in Hickory.  The cost is $25 and includes transportation, lunch, t-shirt, and a chaperoned day of fun.  Sign-ups are available at SPARK, or email Mike Holt.

- Oct. 13:  SPARK is invited to worship together at the 8:30 service at the Steere Outdoor Chapel.

- Trunk or Treat (Oct. 25, 6:00 PM):  Dress in your costume and trick or treat in the Calvary parking lot, followed by a weenie/marshmallow roast, hayrides, and games.  Have you played 9 Square in the Air yet?????

- Nov. 3:  Milestone Sunday.  SPARK kids will help celebrate this special Sunday by serving as worship assistants, lectors, acolytes, ushers, and greeters at the 11:00 service.  There's a job for all SPARKlers on this Sunday, and we'd love to have you!

- Nov. 3 - SPARK is invite to worship together at the Youth worship, 5:00 PM Sunday evening in the Fellowship Hall.

- ZOO SNOOZE (Nov. 6-7)  Happily (but unfortunately) this trip is full, but we're hoping to plan another!  Kids and chaperones will spend the night at the NC Zoo and go behind the scenes.  Stay tuned for detail about future trips planned!

- SPARK Lock-In (Date TBD)
- SPARK Prayer Challenge Celebration (Date TBD)
- SPARK Worship Field Trip (Date TBD)

We would LOVE to have you at SPARK this Sunday!  We now have our own room that we can decorate and make our own.  Come this Sunday and add your name to our Attendance Chain and birthday wall.  And don't forget to BRING A FRIEND....ALL are welcome at SPARK!!!

And coming soon...a special announcement for 3rd-5th grade about next summer.....don't you want to know what it is?!?!?  

In Christ,

Michelle Collins and the SPARK Team

SPARK Enters the Belly of the Fish!

Posted by Michelle Collins on February 03, 2013 @ 3:21 PM

Hey everyone!  Thought you might enjoy some pictures from our SPARK Experience last week.  If you missed it, the class jorneyed into the "Belly of the Fish" with Jonah, a prophet who decided to run away from God's call, only to be brought back to God in a very unusual way! 

In February, we have a lot of fun activities planned!  Join us on 2/3 for Acolyte Training with Mrs. Brim.  Later this month, we'll have a special guest speaker who will talk to us about how it feels to be homeless, and about the homeless in our community.  Hope to see you there!




Are you a Pointer or a Scooper??

Posted by Michelle Collins on January 24, 2013 @ 4:42 PM

Hey SPARKlers!  I hope you've had a great SHORT school week!  Jason and I missed you all last weekend, but Leta said you all had a great time together in SPARK class. 

As we wrap up our month of learning about how God calls us to carry out His plan, we want to remind everyone of the HUGE SURPRISE we have planned for this coming Sunday at SPARK.  Can you guess what we'll experience, and who will be a part of it?  Think about a servant of God who needed a BIG wake-up call!  We hope to see you there, and remember to bring a friend!!!!

Did you hear "The Dog Poop Initiative" in class last week?  If you did, you'll know what I mean when I ask, are you a pointer, or are you a scooper? 


Being a pointer means that you notice problems, and feel it's you duty to point them out to others, but not really your responsibility to solve them.  That's someone else's job, right?


Being a SCOOPER means that you notice a problem, and you feel called to solve that problem - you take ACTION. 


Think about Jesus during his travels with his disciples. He led his life as an example to us on how we should live our lives - helping and loving others, standing up for what was right, and speaking out against what was wrong.  Jesus was clearly a scooper!

SO next time you see a problem, be a SCOOPER!!!

We'll see everyone n Sunday!

Happy Monday!! How and When Does God Call You?

Posted by Michelle Collins on January 14, 2013 @ 3:25 PM

HEY GUYS!!  Welcome back to our blog!  I hope everyone had fun in our SPARK group yesterday.  For those who didn't make it, we missed you!  Here is a re-cap of what happened:

-  We talked about the big surprise event on the 27th.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!  Everyone is asked to invite a friend to share in this experience.  We ran out of time this week to make invitations, but we'll spend some time doing this next week, or you are welcome to do this at home.

-  Mrs. Brim talked to us about serving as acolytes at the 8:30 and 11:00 am services.  This is a special role that 3rd graders and up can play in the worship service.  Sign-ups for this winter and spring will be available during our next two SPARK classes, and training for everyone will take place during SPARK on Feb. 3.  Talk to your parents about getting involved in being an acolyte!

-  The main focus of our class this week was how God calls you in your everyday life.  We talked a lot about how we sometimes feel "moved" or touched by things that happen around us.  We may see something like a stray or hurt animal, or a homeless person asking for food, and we feel sadness, guilt, or fear.  We may see a class mate being teased or bullied, and we feel anger.  Then something inside of us says "do something!"  THAT is God calling you in a small way!  He wants us to show compassion and love for others, and help in ways that we can.  He wants us not just to feel, but to act.  In this way, we can answer His call daily.

Think about these questions, and talk about them with your parents:

- Think about a time when you felt "moved" by something you saw.  How did it make you feel?  Did you want to do something about it?  Did you act?  What did you do, and how did you feel afterwards?  If you weren't able to do something, did you think about it later?

- Think about a time when someone unexpectedly helped you when you needed it.  Was it someone you knew, or a stranger.  How did it make you feel?  Why do you think they did it?

Next week, we'll be watching a movie about a famous biblical person who was called to God's service at an early age.  We'll also be making our invitations, and hear the story of "The Dog Poop Initiative." 

Hope to see you there....and KEEP LISTENING FOR THAT CALL!!!!!  It happens every day....

SPARK in January - Who's Calling??

Posted by Michelle Collins on January 07, 2013 @ 6:33 PM

WELCOME TO THE NEW SPARK BLOG!  I hope you will visit often and check out what we’ve got going on in SPARK.   SPARK meets every Sunday at 10:00 am.  We’ve changed locations; now we are meeting in the last classroom on the right in the Education wing.  This will be our new SPARK “home” for the rest of the year.


January’s theme is “The Call,” and we have a fantastic surprise experience planned for our last class in January, on the 27th.  WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS EVENT THAT WE WANT TO SHARE IT WITH AS MANY KIDS AS POSSIBLE!!  So, we’re asking all of you to invite at least one friend to come to Sunday School with you on the 27th.  We’ll be working on invitations to this event at our next class.  You won’t want to miss this event – PLAN TO BE THERE!!


In last week’s class, we learned about Spiritual Gifts.  Spiritual Gifts are the unique interests, skills, and talents that God gives to each of us in order to carry out His plan through our lives.  These are things that you enjoy doing, and with practice, things that you are (or will be) really good at doing. 


You need to know four things about your Spiritual Gifts:


1 – God intends for you to discover your gifts.


2 – God will show you your gifts.


3 – God will provide the way for you to develop your gifts.


4 – God will provide the way for you to use your gifts.


But Spiritual Gifts aren’t a spectator sport!  You need to notice when God shows you’re your gifts, grab them, and start using them!  Use them as much as you can so that you can be ready to use them for God’s purpose when the time comes.  This is a huge first step in answering God’s “Call.”


Check back with the blog tomorrow -  we’ll talk about how you can discover your gifts, and what those gifts might be!


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