Stewardship Plan 2015-2017

The purpose of our committee is to instill a commitment to whole-life stewardship within the people and life of Calvary Lutheran Church.  We will carry out our purpose through an emphasis on year round stewardship and a yearly stewardship emphasis.  

Our plan includes: 

  1. Stewardship Learning - Learning begins with the stewardship committee and flows into the lives of others. 
  • We will study and grow in our stewardship as a committee through holding a regular education time at our meetings. 
  • We will provide at least one class related to stewardship in the adult education curriculum each year.
  • We will support the adult education curriculum group as they offer classes under the topic of stewardship (Crown Financial Ministries-January 2015, Financial Peace University TBD during 2015) 
  • We will host a yearly learning time with congregational ministry leaders to encourage their group’s storytelling ministry.
  • We will insert information into the congregational bulletin (at least once a quarter) to grow the congregation’s appreciation of the offering as an act of worship and other stewardship themes 
  • We will host a workshop (every 3 years) on wills and estate planning. This will be led by an outside speaker who has the skills and expertise to convey this information in a format fitting to our Christian setting.  
  1. Mission interpretation and Reporting - while education instructs and builds a foundation, interpretation provides the sparkle. It tells us how the existing ministries are proclaiming the Gospel. If interpretation proclaims what is being done, reporting publishes what has been done.   
  • We will prepare a monthly stewardship moment for the Rejoice that describes one area of ministry at Calvary, shares volunteer stories, and speaks to the impact/value of the ministry for the congregation.
  • We will create a new communication tool in our congregation for growing stewardship understandings: “Stewardship? Did you know?” This tool will be used in a variety of settings: Rejoice, worship bulletins, bulletin boards, our congregation’s website, classes, fall stewardship emphasis, and events that we host.  
  • We will work with Calvary’s ministry groups to prepare a congregational update and storytelling event three times a year. These sessions will highlight information about our life together that will build stewards and a grow passion for our mission together. (During 2015, we suggest sharing information and telling stories about property, council’s role, and mission support/benevolence.) The following year’s topics will be decided through listening to congregational questions and needs that arise. 
  • We will hold a yearly workshop to assist congregation members in discerning their gifts for ministry.
  • We will work with Calvary’s ministry groups to hold a ministry fair every other year.
  • We will work with the finance committee to prepare a narrative ministry plan to inform the congregation of our yearly plan for ministry. We will be attentive to uplifting an annual vision for ministry, so that congregation members feel a connection to the church and know that their gifts are needed.  
  1. Regular Listening - keeping lines of communication open between congregational staff, leaders, and members is essential to effective stewardship in a congregation.  Conversation allows members to feel that they really belong, are being heard, can share their gifts or ideas, and have a place to have their questions addressed.  
  • In partnership with other congregational groups, we will assist in holding regular times for congregational conversation around our mission, priorities, and goals. 
  • We will work to incorporate a time of listening to congregation members and addressing questions related to stewardship into our congregational updates, classes, and fall stewardship emphasis.
  • We will seek to be sensitive to the “tone” of the congregation and make staff and leadership aware of when a time of listening may be needed. 
  1. Evaluation and Re-Calendaring - our plan will need to be reviewed and evaluated every year and every three years. Updates and changes will need to be made to enhance the calendar of events and to grow stewardship.  
  1. Yearly stewardship emphasis - one of the key ingredients for growing stewardship in a congregation is to have a yearly stewardship emphasis. The emphasis has four purposes:

1. Tell the old story of Christ and his love,

2. Tell the new story of the congregation’s mission

3. Inspire confidence in the life of the congregation

4. Encourage a concentrated look at personal giving  

  • For the last two years, our stewardship emphasis theme has been “All Kinds of Gifts. During 2015, our theme will be: All Kinds of Giving 
  • During 2015, our emphasis will include a gathering of congregation members into small groups for listening, for learning about our Calvary’s ministry, and reflection on our theme. 
  • In 2016, we plan to hold a ministry fair as part of our fall stewardship emphasis. This ministry fair will teach the congregation what such a celebration can mean and build the groundwork for a ministry fair every other year at Calvary.   
  • In all years, our emphasis will keep these elements: a congregational mailing to present the fall emphasis theme and the “I Offer Myself to God” form, Consecration Sunday, a follow-up letter to thank those participating in Consecration Sunday, and a follow-up letter to invite those who did not participate in Consecration Sunday to share their forms.