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Meeting time - 7:00 pm on Monday nights

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Boy Scouts strive to achieve on of the most recognized awards a youth can earn; the rank of Eagle Scout. We plan one camping trip a month with a full week of camping during our summer camp at camp John J. Barnhardt camp near Badin in Stanley County.  During summer camp, boys will have the opportunity to earn up to 5 merit badges. Boy Scouts also have the opportunity to earn many merit badges during the year which give them a sampling of different career and hobby choices.

Our Troop has earned the Gold Level Journey to Excellence Award for the second year. This award measures a Troop's performance in many aspects.  Our Troop is lead by by the Scouts, with the support of 11 volunteer Assistant Scoutmasters and the Scoutmaster.

Scouts earn ranks as they advance thru Scouting.  As they progress from Scout, to Tenderfoot to Second Class to First Class Scout, they learn basic Scouting skills.  As Scouts progress thru the upper ranks (Star, Life and Eagle), the focus shifts to leadership by sharing what they have learned with younger scouts and by holding positions of leadership within the Troop.

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