Lydia's Quilters

Calvary has a new women's circle -- Lydia's Quilters. Angie Graeber is president, Renee Friday is secretary. Our meeting day and time will be the 3rd Monday of the month, from 9:30-11:30 followed by a light lunch together. Our next meeting will be March 18th. Hostess for that meeting will be Martha Hatley. If Quilting is an interest and you're able - please join us!

We have identified our projects for 2013: children’s quilts, crib quilts and also a centennial quilt. Recipients of the children’s and crib quilts will be C-VAN, Opportunity House, Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital, Our Father’s House and the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Angie has also spoken with Victory Junction camps; they are not interested in quilts, but do need bears. They gave her a pattern number and fabric requirements for those who are interested.

Our primary project right now is to buy materials for the centennial quilt together. This will be a subscription quilt – Calvary members will be able to donate towards our materials and in return will have their names embroidered (possibly in white) on the surrounding white panels of the quilt. We plan to include the Calvary Centennial logo as the central panel of the quilt. The surrounding blocks will be Bible blocks, with different patterns chosen by the members of the circle. 

Look for the subscription form periodically in Rejoice!, as well as the Sunday bulletin. It can also be accessed and printed by clicking this link: Centennial Quilt Subscription Form