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Want an EASY way to support Calvary's Youth Ministry?  SHOP WITH SCRIP, and a percentage of your purchases for every day needs will go right back to Calvary Youth! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the SCRIP for Youth program at Calvary:

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP are simply gift cards from major retailers that are offered to Calvary at a slight discount off of retail - anywhere from 1-20% of the retail value.  When Calvary sells a Scrip card, the discount proceeds come directly back to us to support Youth Ministry.

That seems like a small amount of money which goes to Calvary from my purchase - does it really make a difference?

It really can, if most members of the church participate.  And why not?  It costs you nothing if you buy Scrip gift cards for things that you would buy anyway, like groceries and gas.  Yet Calvary still benefits!  Think of it this way:  If 50 Calvary members who normally purchase $100 per week of gasoline, use their money to first purchase a Scrip gas card (like Shell or Exxon), and do this for a year, this adds up to $5,200 of funds that go straight back to Calvary Youth.  If that same 50 families who normally purchase $200 of groceries per week over a year, this adds up to an additional $10,400.  And not a single one of those members spent an extra penny!

OK, you've convinced me!  But is it easy to buy Scrip?

Yes!  There are two ways to start shopping with Scrip:

  • See our Scrip coordinators in the church narthex right before and after worship services to purchase your cards.  We can accept cash or checks as forms of payment.


  • Register online with ShopWithScrip, and order your Scrip cards from anywhere you have access to a browser.  ShopWithScrip will confirm your order and amount owed via email.  Orders submitted online by Monday will be available the following Sunday at church.  Just see our Scrip Coordinators at church on Sunday, give them your payment, take your pre-packaged Scrip, and you are on your way!  Everything you need to access and enroll n Scrip is provided on this page.

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