JUNE 26 - JUNE 29, 2016


Welcome to the Sr. High Camping Page.  You will find all of the information you will need to on this experience. We have done the extreme so now we are going for camping comfort; that's right, we are car camping at the Pisgah Camp Ground  next to Pisgah Mountain.  so, if you want to bring it, bring it on.  No TV's Please.  Camping chairs are OK to bring if you would like.  This is a time to relax and enjoy God's creation in the out of the way places.  There are showers and clean toilets close by our camping site, so sign up and enjoy your time in the cool of the mountains.  

  • WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Any rising Sr. High Youth through graduated 12th grader. This trip is designed for anyone that wants to participate; all you need to do is have fun, relax and enjoy God's creation.
  • WHY DO WE GO? You will experience the wonder of God’s creation from probably hearing the thunder or watching a butterfly, from seeing deer and watching the stars in all of their glory. Not to mention, the feeling of accomplishment when you complete your experience. 


•  One pair of WELL-BROKEN in hiking boots are best but if you don't have a pair of those then a good ole pair of tennis shoes will work.  

• One pair of lightweight closed toe shoes to wear in camp. Crocs are wonderful! Never wear flip flops or go barefooted in camp!

• You will need a couple of good pairs of socks. A blend is best such as Smart wool. Having a good pair of socks is important.

• Shorts are great and you may need to bring a pair of jeans or sweat pants for the evening.  It does get a little bit cool at night.  

• Rain gear is a must, we do have a few ponchos here.  they are first come first served.  You will also need a light jacket.

• Bring a sleeping bag, air mattress with a battery powered pump, there is no electricity, or you can use the kind that you blow up by mouth.   You can also bring a pillow.    

We do have some packs available that you can borrow and return at the end of the trip.

• Eating utensils are simple; all you need is a plastic or metal cup and one metal spoon. Make sure your cup is not breakable or disposable. (like a Solo Cup) 

• Make sure you pack everything in plastic zip lock bags. Make sure you bring a pack cover that is waterproof or a large heavy duty garbage bag to put over your backpack at night.

• Moleskin is a must. You can find it at Wal-Mart or any drug store in the foot dept. The thicker the mole skin, the better.

• Don’t forget your personal hygiene items. Bring a toothbrush and a little bit of toothpaste, not the family tube. A small bar of soap in a waterproof container, a hand towel for bathing and a small amount of shampoo. Please do not forget your deodorant.  Ladies, you should be prepared and bring some feminine products with you, just in case.

• A hat will help protect your scalp from getting sun burnt.

• Flashlight, hammock if you would like.

• A pocket knife is a good thing to bring, but make sure it is a pocket knife and not a sword in a sheath. 

  • The cost of this trip is $75.00 per person.