It will not be too long and you will have your turn at getting muddy while exploring God’s creation underground. Here is a little bit of info you will need before we head out to go Wild Caving!

When:  TBD We will leave around 5:30. Where: We will be going to Bluff City, Tenn. to explore a cave called Worley’s Cave. We have been going to this cave for years. You will explore about half of the cave which is approximately 2 miles round trip and that equals to around 4 hours, but it does not seem to be two miles and the time goes by really fast. We take it slow and easy and we enjoy the sights. You will need to bring money for meals going up and meals coming back to Calvary.

Who: This trip is open to all youth; Jr. and Sr. High.

What is Wild Caving? Wild Caving is when you go into a cave and it is not a commercial type cave. There are no lights, paved walkways or bathrooms. We will be getting muddy, real muddy so you will want to wear some real old clothes that you do not mind messing up. You will want to wear a pair of shorts under your caving clothes so you can change out of your muddy clothes. You can wear your shorts back to Calvary if you wish or put some clean clothes over the top of your shorts. Bring an extra pair of socks with you and a pair of tennis shoes to change into after you cave. You should wear BOOTS AND ONLY BOOTS! Make sure your boots have good tread on the soles. Caving in tennis shoes or rubber type snow boots is not a good idea at all, you will end up spending more time on the floor of the cave than you will exploring the cave. We will be walking out part of the way through a creek so your boots, socks and your clothes up to your knees will get wet. Bring with you a hand towel you do not mind getting muddy. This is to dry your feet off when you change out of your wet clothes and into your dry. You are going to have a great time. The temperature in the cave is 52 degrees year round, not too cold and not too hot. 52 degrees is hot enough that you will be sweating while we are moving and cool enough to get chilled when we stop to rest. Please make sure you have enough clothes on to stay comfortably warm. Don't go caving in a short sleeve t-shirt.

What should I bring with me? The usual stuff you bring with you on any trip we take. Personal hygiene items, like deodorant, toothpaste, deodorant, foot powder, deodorant. Ladies, please be prepared. You will need to bring your caving clothes along with a plastic garbage bag to put your wet, muddy caving clothes in to bring home for washing. This is important! Bring one good operating flash light with you along with one pack of AA batteries. You will need to bring a day pack that you do not mind getting muddy as well as a water bottle. We have one or two backpacks here at the church if you need to borrow one. They will be first come, first served. We will provide the caving helmets with lights as long as they last. We have more youth signed up for this trip than we do helmets and lights. I will order a couple extra before the trip and hope they get here in time. Bring a pair of work type garden gloves so you are not placing your hands in the direct mud. Bring with you a sack lunch, and a bottle of water, already packed and ready to eat for the caving trip on Saturday. We will eat lunch inside the cave. You will not need to bring any snacks, drinks, etc. for this trip. A small, travel size pack of Baby Wipes to clean up with after caving and a small roll of toilet paper in case you need to go to the bathroom before we enter the cave. YOU CANNOT USE THE BATHROOM INSIDE THE CAVE. Bring your Bible, paper and pen. Sleeping bag, an air mattress if you do not want to sleep directly on the floor and don’t forget your pillow. PLEASE PACK LIGHT; WE ARE ONLY GOING AWAY FOR ONE NIGHT. YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE YOUR PARENTS SIGN THE WAVIER THAT IS UNDER "TRIP INfO". AND MAKE SURE WE HAVE YOUR CALVARY EMERGENCY PERMISSION SLIP FOR 2012.

What is the cost of the trip? The cost is $35.00 plus $5.00 cash for parking at the cave. Don't forget to bring your food money for the trip up and back.

When will we return? We will leave from the cave and head home. We will stop and eat on the way so you are looking at approx. a 5.5 hour trip including the stop. We will call once we get out of the cave and start heading home so parents will know the approx. time of our return. We will call once again when we get close to the church so parents will be here waiting on our return. What are you going to see? Wild Caving is like playing on a real muddy Jungle Gym. You are going to see a lot of mud, some pretty stalactites and stalagmites; you will be walking in a creek for approx. a 1/8 of a mile, and maybe a bat or two. In fact, you may get lucky and see a colony of bats. You will see the darkness of creation, the kind of darkness that was around when God created the light. You may want to bring your camera with you to take a picture or two. Are there any tight crawls or squeezes? Not where we are going. You will be on your hands and knees some. You will be going through a few holes and down a slide or two. So RELAX, there are parts of this cave that are large enough to drive a train through.

Get excited! This is going to be a very good trip.